How to get rid of cockroaches and locusts

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no voice is heard
from that man-decreed desert
where only cockroaches and locusts dwell

but in a present past
there must have been women and children chanting
men harvesting
pressing the precious oil out of olives

till the aliens came
led by a barbarian book
written by a resentful racist god
greedy and grimy and grisly as a godzilla
extolling and exhorting ethnic cleansing genocide rape
theft and apartheid

their struggle their battle their fight:
one state and all living space
for the one and only ultimate master race

the universal wandering jew in the europe of the thirties
having become a palestinian nowadays
an old question arises anew

how to get rid
of them cockroaches and locusts ?

starving them to dead
like jews in a german ghetto ?
wiping them out
with bullets and bombs ?

what kind of rage is this
roughing up all hearts
with hatred and revengefulness ?

the gas at last ?
(children first of course)

agent zyklon orange du b

how they turned david’s star
into a mowing machine
whose steel hooks
raze away all living and loving things
a sunwheel
dripping with blood & honour
becoming the bloodiest one at last
in that star spangled banner
a wailing shroud
spread over the entire globe

dogs are still barking in the dark
but who(se) are they?
and is there a caravan
going onward still
and onward and on…?

or will the raping retinue
eventually  kill itself
in a self-chosen apocalyptic cataclysm
of death and destruction:
their final solution?

and will there be no cockroaches nor locusts anymore
or women or children or men

but just utter silence ?

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